Benefits of Solid-State Hydrogen Storage

Harnyss is a world leader for advanced solid-state materials for efficient hydrogen storage. We manufacture hydrogen storage materials that are available in several canister sizes that are used in a range of applications. Harnyss has development agreements with multinational manufacturers of vehicles, material handling equipment, and aerospace technologies.

Harnyss solid-state materials offer several benefits for hydrogen storage, especially in applications where safety, convenience, and efficiency are essential. Harnyss has numerous international patents that include non-pyrophoric materials, that are used in a wide range of applications without posing any significant risk of fire or explosion. Importantly, our advanced hydrogen storage materials don't require compression or cryogenic cooling, making them an attractive option for hydrogen storage in stationary and mobile market segments.

One key application of solid-state materials is stationary hydrogen storage with on-site electrolyzers. Electrolyzers convert water into hydrogen and oxygen, making them an ideal source of renewable hydrogen. Our materials store this hydrogen safely and efficiently, ensuring a constant supply of hydrogen for use in various applications. Since our advanced solid-state media don't require compression or cryogenic cooling, they're easy to install and maintain, reducing the overall cost of hydrogen storage, without capital costs associated with transportation infrastructure.

Another important application of Harnyss hydrogen storage is in forklifts and materials handling mobility. Forklifts and other types of material handling equipment typically use batteries or fossil fuels for power. However, solid-state storage systems provide a clean and efficient source of hydrogen that can power these vehicles. Solid-state storage systems are easy to refuel, and they offer a long runtime, making them an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications.

Other point-of-use hydrogen users, such as hospitals, data centers, and remote power generation facilities, also benefit from solid-state storage systems. These users require a reliable and safe source of hydrogen, and Harnyss materials can provide that. With their non-pyrophoric properties and no compression or cryogenic cooling requirements, solid-state storage systems are a highly convenient, safe and efficient solution for a wide range of hydrogen storage needs.

In summary, Harnyss solid-state hydrogen storage is an ideal choice for stationary hydrogen storage with on-site electrolyzers, forklifts, and other material handling mobility applications, as well as other point-of-use hydrogen users. With their safety, convenience, and efficiency, Harnyss advanced solid-state storage systems are poised to play a significant role in the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.


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