Oasis H2 System: 
Enhanced Energy Resilience

The Oasis H2 unites Oasis supercapacitors with hydrogen production and storage, using renewable energy for electrolyzing atmospheric water into hydrogen. This stored hydrogen powers fuel cells during renewable intermittency, ensuring steady electricity supply and operational continuity.


Onboard Hydrogen Integration

Enhancing Resilience in Oasis Supercapacitor Energy Storage


Integrated Fuel Cell System

An integrated fuel cell system ensures consistent power during intermittent traditional energy sources. It converts hydrogen into electricity efficiently, enhancing energy resilience and sustainability.

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Sustainable Power Solution

On-site hydrogen production and storage, coupled with a fuel cell for recharging supercapacitors, ensure uninterrupted power during renewable energy intermittency. This integration not only enhances energy reliability but also bolsters sustainability by utilizing clean, renewable resources.

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Reliable Off-Grid Capability

This system offers a dependable, self-sufficient energy solution, ideal for off-grid applications where reliability is paramount.

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Energy Storage Resiliency

Significantly enhances the resilience of energy storage systems, ensuring stable power supply in varying environmental conditions.

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