Harnyss Microgrid

Microgrids are instrumental in progressing toward energy self-sufficiency. The integration of supercapacitor technology in the Harnyss Oasis system facilitates microgrids to operate with less reliance on the central power grid, which is vital for operations that require uninterrupted power.



Modular Design

Flexible solutions in 20 and 40-foot container options for diverse application needs.

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Advanced Supercapacitor Technology

Rapid response to load changes for seamless grid independence.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Serving the US government, military industry, and more, with solutions for zero-carbon energy and resilient microgrids.

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Dynamic Energy Management

Intelligent system adapts to fluctuations, preserving power quality and equipment longevity.

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20-30 year lifespan with minimal degradation, ensuring long-term investment value.

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Operational Efficiency

Smart energy distribution minimizes waste and reduces operational costs.


The Harnyss Oasis Advantage


Power and Energy Management

The fundamental stability of a microgrid relies on its capacity to manage power and energy consistently. The Oasis system incorporates an energy management system that adjusts dynamically to changing energy patterns, thus maintaining power quality and extending the durability of the microgrid's infrastructure by mitigating the effects of power variations.


Renewable Energy Integration

Incorporating renewable energy into microgrid configurations is a complex yet vital task for the evolution of sustainable energy. The Oasis system enhances this process by storing surplus renewable energy, available for use during low production or peak demand, thus ensuring a stable and consistent energy supply, facilitating the inclusion of renewable sources into the microgrid.


System Resilience

Resilience is integral to the Oasis system, particularly when countering disruptions from the external grid. The supercapacitor-based design provides a stable and dependable power source, circumventing risks typically associated with standard battery technologies, like thermal runaway. Such reliability is paramount in sectors where energy security is essential for operational continuity.


Energy Efficiency and Strategic Optimization

Energy efficiency involves more than reducing consumption; it encompasses the strategic allocation of energy resources for fiscal and ecological advantages. The Oasis system's sophisticated energy management reduces wastage and operational expenditures, promoting a sustainable and cost-effective energy framework for the microgrid.