EnWall marks a significant advancement in energy storage technology, moving beyond conventional lithium battery systems. This system integrates state-of-the-art energy storage solutions with enhanced longevity and performance characteristics. Size of the unites range from 5, 10 and 20 KWh AC wall units.


Graphene Carbon Electrostatic Energy Storage

EnWall employs sophisticated graphene-based technology for energy storage. This method enhances efficiency and reliability by leveraging the unique properties of graphene.

Extended Lifespan@2x

Extended Lifespan

Designed for durability, EnWall systems boast a lifecycle exceeding 20 years and are capable of enduring over 500,000 charge-discharge cycles.
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High Energy Density

Despite its compact form factor, EnWall achieves maximum energy storage capacity, ensuring optimal power availability.



The components used in EnWall storage systems are fully recyclable, reflecting our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Zero Maintenance

The absence of moving parts within the EnWall system translates to a maintenance-free experience for the user.


Advanced Protections

EnWall is equipped with comprehensive protective measures to guard against:
    • Overload
    • Short circuit
    • Deep discharge
    • Overcharge
    • Over-temperature

Versatile Applications

EnWall is engineered for a broad spectrum of applications, effectively supporting:

    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Inverters
    • Solar Energy Systems