Ultrafast Solar EV Charging

The Harnyss Oasis modular energy storage system integrates supercapacitor technology to meet the demands of rapid-charging stations. Designed with durability and efficiency in mind, this system is engineered to sustain the high throughput required by contemporary charging applications.


Supports Level 2, 3, & 4 Charging

Distinct from lithium battery counterparts, supercapacitors deliver a 20-30 year life cycle. The absence of thermal runaway risks is a critical safety feature, especially relevant in utility-scale energy storage and charging scenarios.


High-Capacity Charging

Up to and beyond 1 Megawatt (MW)


Universal Compatibility

Flexible installation options for various environments, from urban centers to remote locations. Compatible with existing EV charging infrastructure, enhancing current capabilities.

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Advanced Supercapacitor Technology

Long-lasting energy storage with minimal degradation over 20 - 30 years and storage solution (3X lithium’s lifecycle)


Reliable and Rapid Energy Transfer

Compatible with existing EV charging infrastructure, enhancing current capabilities. Consistent power delivery for EV charging, during peak demand conditions.



Aligns with demand for eco-friendly EV charging.


Solar Powered Level 3 EV Charging

The Oasis system by Harnyss is not just a product but an engineered solution tailored to enhance the EV charging infrastructure. It is reflective of our commitment to developing energy storage systems that are not only reliable but also align with the principles of sustainability and economic viability in the transportation sector.


System Integration and Power Supply Management

The Harnyss Oasis system is configured to dovetail with the expansion of EV charging infrastructure. It supports a continuous power supply, essential for rapid EV charging. This is particularly relevant for facilities that capitalize on lower off-peak electricity tariffs to charge the storage system, thereby reducing operational costs during peak demand. Such a feature is indispensable for high-traffic charging locations where uptime is critical.


Design and Deployment Versatility

The Oasis system's modular design facilitates deployment across varied environments—from dense urban to remote areas—ensuring adaptability to the evolving demands of EV charging infrastructure. It supports the establishment of a robust and flexible charging network, capable of scaling with the projected growth in the EV market.


Implications for EVSE Landscape

As the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) sector progresses, the role of sophisticated energy storage solutions becomes increasingly pronounced. The Harnyss Oasis system aligns with the industry's trajectory towards more effective and extensive charging networks. It offers Charge Point Operators (CPOs), installers, and hardware suppliers a scalable, modular solution that underscores operational efficiency and economic feasibility.