Harnyss Oasis for Utilities

The Harnyss Oasis modular energy storage system, with storage capabilities ranging from 500 kWh to over 100+ MWh, is a testament to the adaptability and scalability inherent in its design. This system is controlled by an advanced Energy Management System, an advanced technological solution designed for efficient and dynamic power control.

The energy management system effectively manages diverse load requirements, integrates renewable energy sources, and ensures operational stability across various power scenarios. Its ability to blend energy from multiple inputs and correct power factor losses underlines its role as a critical component in the efficient operation of the Oasis system.


Grid Balancing and Frequency Regulation

The Oasis supercapacitors are superior to lithium-ion batteries for maintaining grid frequency stability, a critical aspect of power system integrity. By providing a rapid response to frequency deviations, the system, through its integration with supercapacitors and sophisticated energy management, ensures grid frequency is maintained at the requisite 50/60 Hz. This is essential for the seamless operation of grid-connected devices and the stability of the entire power network.


Reactive Power Compensation

Voltage regulation, essential for grid reliability, is another area where the Oasis system demonstrates its utility. It manages reactive power, which is crucial for maintaining the voltage levels required for efficient active power transfer. This dynamic capability of supplying or absorbing reactive power aids in mitigating voltage collapse risks and enhances the resilience and efficiency of the grid.


Spinning Reserve and Rapid Deployment

In terms of grid reliability, the Oasis system offers a vital spinning reserve capability. It can release power immediately in response to sudden drops in grid supply. This feature is particularly significant compared to traditional power plants which require longer ramp-up times. The supercapacitors in the Oasis system enable almost instantaneous energy discharge, offering a reliable solution for immediate power needs.


Black Start Capability

The Oasis energy storage system's black start capability is crucial for restoring power in the aftermath of a blackout. It can initiate the restart of power stations and begin grid restoration autonomously, an invaluable feature in widespread power outage scenarios to quickly bring essential services back online.


Congestion Relief in Power Networks

The Oasis system addresses the increasingly prevalent issue of grid congestion, which often leads to inefficiencies and higher operational costs. By placing Oasis units at strategic congestion points, they provide localized power relief, improving grid performance and reducing the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades. The modular design of the system allows for customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of congested areas, aiding in efficient power flow management and overall grid health.